What is A CFD Broker & Who Are The best CFD brokers in 2022?

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Rebecca Smith

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Every competent trader or broker should have an impressive trading portfolio. Essentially, CFDs provide a rich addition to a trader or broker’s portfolio. However, it can be pretty frustrating trying to figure out CFDs, what they mean, their investment potential, and whether or not they are profitable.

CFDs stand for contracts for difference. They are well known in the trading field as financial instruments that make up one of the essential components of an impressive trading portfolio. The fact that CFDs take a somewhat dynamic approach compared to other trading assets makes them impressive. As a result, in-depth knowledge and practical experience are essential to creating a profitable experience.

CFD meaning: Getting the basics of CFD

Contract for difference (CFD) is a product-oriented investment and trading style. Essentially, CFD trading is a contractual relationship between the trader (buyer) and the broker (seller). The trading relationship is based on several underlying assets and what happens to these assets at the end of the trading session. As a result, some schools of thought like to describe CFD trading as derivative trading. The reason is that CFD allows participants to benefit from the difference in price movements.

Additionally, the significance of CFD trading lies in the fact that it allows participants to trade price movements without owning any underlying assets. This way, the trade action focuses on the change in price between the trade entry and exit. As a result, CFD traders can easily avoid certain demerits associated with conventional trading

CFD Brokers: Are CFD brokers good?

There is always a gap between traders and the financial market, making an intermediary relevant for a successful transaction. As a result, profitable CFD trading requires a CFD broker intermediary. Essentially, the CFD broker provides the trader with a viable platform for trading, including trading tools and materials for market analysis.

How does a CFD broker work?

CFD brokers use very advanced trading strategies where there is no actual ownership of the trading commodities. Essentially, they work as market intermediaries between investors and the financial market by providing trading tools and platforms for transactions. CFD brokers provide investors with the chance to claim stakes on assets without having to own any through price movement. 

For instance, if the price of Apple stocks goes up, the investor doesn’t have to own any stocks in Apple. All the investor has to do is invest in the speculation of higher Apple stock prices. The CFD broker then uses CFDs to place bets on the rise or fall of the market price. In other words, when a trader or investor observes that the asset’s price has increased, he can sell his holding. As a result, the price difference between your purchase and sell yields your profit which your CFD broker facilitates from the beginning till the end of the transaction.

How do brokers make money on CFDs?

Although CFD brokers provide investors and traders with profit-compatible platforms and trading tools, they also make money from the relationship. CFDs provide brokers with several channels for making money. 

Below are some money-making avenues for CFD brokers.

  • Spreads
  • Commission
  • Overnight financing
  • Hedging
  • Traders’ losses

Is CFD good for the long term?

Long-term investments usually involve less risky trade moves. As a result, it is not advisable to trade CFD long-term because of the high-level volatility. CFD trading thrives on leverage and derived benefits due to the non-ownership of tradable assets.

However, if you are an experienced trader, you could pull off CFD trading long-term. However, you’ll need to be careful to implement several risk management strategies like stop losses, etc. 

Which broker is best for CFD?

Several CFD brokers exist, with varying services, trading tools, and conditions. So, investors are at liberty to select the best fit for their trading needs and expectations. But, how do you know which broker is best for CFD? This review has organized the three best CFD brokers in 2022. Here they are!

Review of the best CFD brokers in 2022

If you value training videos and guidance for trading the financial market, you can take your trading to the next level with an IQ Option trading account today. IQ Option has been one of the top brokers and online trading platforms to survive through the years. It was established in 2013 as a binary trading platform. However, they have evolved to accommodate other trading assets/options like forex, crypto, CFD, etc.

IQ Option allows traders to open and close their market positions at will, making it an excellent broker option for day trading. It means that trading CFD with IQ Option puts several liberties at your disposal.
What’s more? They are well regulated and offer professionalism with investments. As a result, they are safe and reliable. With a minimum deposit of $10, just about anyone can open an IQ Option trading account without much hassle.


  • Minimum deposit fee
  • Availability of videos and training resources
  • Available in several countries
  • Affords several options for trading assets, including CFD
  • Supports mobile and desktop trading


  • Not available in some countries
  • Presence of an inactivity fee
eToro is one of the leading brokers in social trading–A perfect platform for several traders and investors to engage with each other while they navigate the financial market. Essentially, the social trading feature of eToro makes trading CFD somewhat bearable due to the high risk involved. Also, they offer copy trading and copy portfolio platforms to aid people who cannot properly analyze the market. CFD trading is a highly complex trading instrument, so brokers specializing in CFD are advisable. 

You can open an eToro trading account to profit from the social trading experience while rolling in some good profit on your market speculations. Furthermore, they offer a mobile-based trading platform over the desktop trading platform. As a result, traders can trade from their mobile phones, whether Android or IOS–A classic social trading feature.


  • Offers free stock and ETF trading
  • Low CFD and forex fees
  • Mobile-based trading platform
  • Social trading features
  • Copytrading and copy portfolio platforms


  • Inactivity fee
  • A withdrawal fee of $25
  • No banking license
If you are familiar with the metatrader4 and metatrader5 trading platforms, then Avatrade is worth your attention. They are online-based brokers founded in Ireland with over 200,000 traders. They are passionate about beginner traders, especially those without sufficient trading capital. As a result, opening an account is free. Also, they offer competitive prices for fees associated with executing trades.

Furthermore, they have an active customer support service with 24 hours availability for five days every week. This way, users can easily relay their challenges and rectify them regardless of their location in real-time. What’s more? As part of their beginner-friendly approach, this broker offers training materials and educational resources for users to improve their knowledge base because CFD trading is no joke.


  • Round trip fees for both ends of a trade (opening and closing)
  • Educational and training resources for users
  • 24 hours customer service availability
  • Supports low capital investors and novices
  • Metatrader 4 and metatrader 5 platforms
  • Demo accounts
  • Zero withdrawal fees


  • Inactivity fees
  • Slow withdrawals
  • Administration fees


CFD trading is a complex trading instrument which is why only the most advanced traders can wield its profitability. Similarly, CFD trading, due to its complexity, constitutes a great deal for a broker’s trading portfolio. As a result, finding the right CFD broker is critical to the success of your investment. Therefore, we have done the work for you by curating and putting together this review of the best CFD brokers in 2022. If you’re still looking to find other top brokers for more trading assets besides CFD trading, TopBrokersTrade makes your trading and investment decision a breeze!

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