Commodity Broker Live Markets App: A Review


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Commodities are raw materials that are sourced through the world and used to create goods; there are four popular types of commodities, including energy, metals, agriculture, and livestock. More specific examples of well-known commodities include sugar, iron ore, and cattle. The value of individual commodities is based on supply and demand. Essentially, if there is more supply than demand, the commodity’s price will be lower than if there is less supply than demand for the commodity. In the trading world, traders will buy and sell commodity trades based on their predicted value shifts. If traders believe the value of a commodity will go up over time, they will buy shares and hold them in hopes of selling them later for a substantial profit. If traders believe that a commodity’s value will decrease, they will borrow shares from current holders, sell them when the price of the share is high, and then repurchase them when the price falls. Investors and traders become involved in the commodity market to diversify their portfolios.

If commodity trading is of interest to you, you may be on the hunt for a platform to engage in the trading, which is where Commodity Broker Live Markets comes in. Though less than a month old, traders can receive real-time information about commodity news and make trades based on those data through this app. While we don’t have much information on the app’s performance and ratings from users, we do have information on the app’s features and usability, which is what we will report on within this article.


The app is a free platform and provides users with a free fully functional demo account. All of this free stuff may make users wary of the legitimacy of the app. Is the Commodity Broker Live Markets app legit? Possibly. This is tough for us to determine at this point, given that only one person has downloaded the app since its launch and has not written a review. We like to base our legitimacy claims on real user feedback, and we just don’t have that at this point. Despite this missing data point, the app’s description does seem thorough. It appears as though the app contains quite a few necessary features for someone interested in commodity trading. Of course, other apps allow for commodity trading in addition to other tradings such as Forex trading; the Commodity Broker Live Market app is designed solely for commodities. It all boils down to preference. Do you want an app that can conduct multiple trades or one that is specialized?

Account Opening


As with all apps, you will find it located in your mobile devices’ app store. Download the app from there, start it up, and you will be prompted to input some information and set your preferences. When all of this information is entered, you will be given a choice to practice with the demo account, and then you can move over to a live account. Using the demo account first will allow you to play with settings and gain familiarity with the process of executing trades, so we do highly recommend it.

Deposit & Withdrawal

At this time, there is no mention of minimum deposit requirements to use the app.

Trading & Platform


When a trader is interested in commodities, they typically search for a platform that houses multiple trading options as this will give them various opportunities for trading amongst the volatile market. Commodity options included within the Commodity Broker Live Markets app include metals, energy, agriculture, and livestock, which are the most popular commodities traded. Within those categories you’ll find commodity options such as gold, ice, soybean oil, and crude oil. In addition to the wide variety of commodities, the app also provides users with a demo account to practice using the platform before investing actual money. We say this in almost all of our articles, but it’s worth repeating; we recommend taking full advantage of the demo account. Why wouldn’t you? The demo account gives you real practice to experiment and figure out if the platform houses features that you want. The app boasts that it has recently incorporated an AI module that makes predictions with a 90% accuracy level so that traders can feel more confident in their positions. Other features listed on the app’s homepage include pivot levels, performance data, 24/7 support with live calls, push notifications for real-time news updates, and commodities technical analyzer tools. Data provided on the app include unemployment rates, inflation rates, interest rates, and retail rates, which can all be combined to give you a complete picture of the commodity market. One of the best features of the app is that it allows for both long and short trading, which we explained at the beginning of this article. The bottom line is that there are many features to help traders be in the know and succeed with their chosen trading positions.
If you do give the Commodity Broker Live Markets App a try, please let us know your thoughts so we can update this article as needed. As always, Happy Trading, friends!

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