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Cryptocurrency is an expanding market with many jumping on board to maximize their potential earnings. Bitcoin recently reached an all time high in value, and Dogecoin is an up and coming cryptocurrency choice. With all of the information available on cryptocurrency, it can be challenging to keep up with the crypto prices. Furthermore, cryptocurrency prices are volatile, so the market should be continuously monitored. Changes in the crypto rate occur each minute as stock prices rise and fall. Below we’ve added a source for real time crypto trading rates, so that you can keep track of the changes in the most popular cryptocurrency in real time. The live crypto chart provides insight on the percentage of increase or decrease of each cryptocurrency.

The live crypto chart provided can help investors strategize and maximize on their cryptocurrency investment earnings. As a rule of thumb, it is typically wise to buy into the market when the values are low and sell when the values are high, but predicting that “sweet” spot for buying and selling can be a challenge.

Thus, the live charts provide historical and live data to help you pinpoint a prediction and execute your investment. Remember to look at all of the information provided as the live cryptochart provides a wide range of information such as current trading prices, trading volumes, and price charts. It also gives an overall summary on the percentage of increase or decrease of value on cryptocurrencies as a whole.

When looking at the chart, there are a few key tips that will help with your strategizing. Consider the dow theory which has several fundamental components.
(1) The market will take everything into consideration when determining the value, such as socioeconomic factors, demand, and political factors for example.
(2) Cryptocurrency values operate based on current, past and predicted demands, and can be impacted by any sort of regulations instated.
(3) The movements of cryptocurrency prices are not random and one can typically make some sort of prediction. For example, there may be downward trends or upward trends that can help with predictions on buying and selling.
(4) Reviewing market analysts’ reports will only give you insight on the price of cryptocurrency rather than the factors that have caused movement in its value.
(5) Trends are often repeated, so it is possible to track a cryptocurrency’s value over time to predict when the next downward or upward trend will occur.
(6) There will always be a primary movement either upward or downward that will last for one to several years. (7) Medium and short swings occur which will affect the value of the cryptocurrency some, but cannot be mistaken for the main movement.

Live crypto charts- Find a good cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa

As of Spring 2021, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, with more and more being created each and every day (e.g., Dogecoin). Many people are jumping on the trend of cryptocurrency investment because it is a seemingly smart choice to prepare for retirement of a child’s college fund. Despite the craze, cryptocurrency is still a volatile market. Bitcoin recently spiked in value then crashed, and Dogecoin is starting to rise. The value of cryptocurrency depends in large part on the demand. In sum, if many people want Bitcoin, then the value will rise, however, if the popularity falls, then the price will also fall. Despite the wavering market, cryptocurrency still remains a smart investment choice. It is estimated that a single Bitcoin will be worth upwards of $300,000 by the end of 2021. Furthermore, unlike centralized currency, cryptocurrency has a cap on its production. This cap makes the currency more scarce, which means the value will likely continue to rise. Cryptocurrency is most often compared to gold, as it operates on a similar currency premise. As always, happy trading friends!

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