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Forex trading is trading currencies across the foreign exchange market. Forex trading makes up the most considerable portion of trading volume and spans across the globe. Due to the ever-changing market and supply and demand rates, currency values are constantly fluctuating. Those who engage in Forex trading buy currency pairs when they anticipate that the exchange rate will grow and sell if they think the opposite will occur. The Forex exchange market typically remains open for 24 hours a day but doesn’t operate on weekends. Because the market is almost constantly open, trading can occur from anywhere, just about at any time. With 24 hours of data, it can be challenging to keep up with the constant fluctuations and shifts. We’ve embedded a live Forex chart as an easy solution for you to keep track of all your currency pairs. We have the best Forex Charts because they provide all of the information you need on a single page. Check out the charts below. The live forex charts will allow you to have an all-in-one chart to track your currency pairs.

Back before widespread access to the internet, only the elite and international banks could participate in Forex trading, but now anyone can buy and sell with a simple mouse click, anywhere. Each Forex broker typically offers on average 40 currency pairs, but you can find almost any combination that you are searching for. When thinking about currency pairs you wish to trade, consider the relationship between the two. Which pairs are experiencing a “dip” versus a “height.” You are not limited in the number of pairs you can trade with, as the options are seemingly endless.

If you’ve never traded Forex before, then you’ll first need to find a broker. We’ve written extensively on different broker options for Forex trading and encourage you to read through some of our suggestions. Finding your ideal broker is the first step because different brokers will give you access to different trading pairs and pieces of information. Moreover, different brokers have different deposit requirements, costs, and fees, which is a necessary consideration depending on the amount of capital you have to invest.

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Best forex charts and brokers in South Africa

After viewing the live currency rates, you’ll want to consider the Forex chart analysis. From this chart, you’ll see that it displays the present currency rates as well as those across the span of time. By interacting with this chart, you’ll have the option to choose the time frame for the Forex currency changes. Remember to use these tools to help maximize your executed trades, as information is power. Consider the trends over different time periods such as 24 hours, one week, or one month. Trends tend to repeat themselves, so they will give you a good idea as to how the market is shifting.

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