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Stock trading is on the rise as many are entering the world of investments. More and more people are looking for ways to obtain a sustainable income source that will provide for them throughout financial hardship and retirement. Nowadays, trading stock is much more streamlined and accessible due to the internet and tiny computers we carry around in our pockets. Still, the process of entering into the trading world can seem overwhelming with all of the trading apps and options available.
With so many trading platforms available, one may wonder which ones have the best features or the features that will draw them the most success. More and more traders are turning to mobile-based trading platforms due to their versatility, ease of use, and accessibility. Unlike browser-based platforms, users can bring their trades on the go with mobile-based platforms, allowing them to execute trades whenever and wherever. Many mobile-based platforms are popping up, and we’ve reviewed several apps with low minimum deposits from different trading realms to help you make the most informed decision about your trading platform.


Forex Trading Banking and World Stock Investment App

The Forex Trading Banking and World Stock investment app gives traders access to cryptocurrency, Forex, commodity, and stock investments all within a single app. If you’re looking for a well-rounded app that will give you access to multiple trading and investment options, the Forex Trading Banking and World Stock Investment App is right up your alley. Upon installation, the app equips users with a demo account with $10,000 that can be refilled as needed. Additionally, the app provides users with features such as up-to-date data, a live feed of worldwide news that may impact users’ trade values, and step-by-step guides for novice traders. Users can get started trading using this app with as little as a $1 minimum deposit.

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Pro IQ Stock Broker App

The Pro IQ Stock Broker app is a trusted mobile application for CFD trading with security features in place. The Pro IQ Stock Broker app allows users to trade with well-known and familiar companies such as Amazon, Verizon, Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and more. With a minimum deposit of just $1, it is an accessible option for those who are just beginning and do not have much capital to use.

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Trade Stocks- Virtual Stock Market Trading App

The Trade Stocks – Virtual Stock Market Trading app is a mobile platform aimed explicitly towards beginner traders – the entire platform is practice. Within the Trade Stocks – Virtual Stock Market Trading app, you’ll get practice with both long and short investments in CFD trading. One of the app’s most attractive features is that it’s free, which means anyone who is even remotely interested in the stock market can try their hand at some virtual trading with no real stake. The stocks included within the app that users can practice with include Tesla, Paypal, Discovery Inc, Bank of America, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. In addition to these stock options, the app contains a live news feed on global news stories that may impact the stock market, profit/stop lose features, data on market trends and price movements, and more. There is 24/7 support available, so users can feel comfortable knowing that help is just a click away at any time; there are also tutorials and step-by-step instructions to help guide novice traders. The best part is, it’s all free, meaning no deposits and no fees.

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Crypto Broker App

The Crypto broker app is a platform for cryptocurrency trades; the app hosts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Neo, Zcash, all altcoins, and several more. The app comes equipped with live-streamed data and 24/7 customer support; users can access help on-demand. Additionally, there are step-by-step guides and tutorials to help novice traders navigate the trading realm. To trade using this app, users are required to make a minimum $5 deposit. Deposits and withdraws can be completed using a variety of major payment methods such as Visa or MasterCard and are instantaneous, meaning users don’t need to wait to access their earnings.

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Commodities Broker Live Market App

The Commodity Broker Live Market App is an app equipped with popular commodities that users can trade; traders will buy and sell commodity trades based on their predicted value shifts. Commodity options included within the Commodity Broker Live Markets app include metals, energy, agriculture, and livestock, which are the most popular commodities traded. You’ll find commodity options such as gold, rice, soybean oil, and crude oil within those categories. In addition to the wide variety of commodities, the app also provides users with a demo account to practice using the platform before investing actual money. The app boasts that it has recently incorporated an AI module that makes predictions with a 90% accuracy level so that traders can feel more confident in their positions. Other features listed on the app’s homepage include pivot levels, performance data, 24/7 support with live calls, push notifications for real-time news updates, and commodities technical analyzer tools. Data provided on the app include unemployment rates, inflation rates, interest rates, and retail rates, which can all be combined to give you a complete picture of the commodity market.

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Litecoin Trading App

Another popular cryptocurrency trading option is Litecoin, and someone who is interested in trading and/or mining Litecoin should check out the Litecoin Trading App. The app is suitable for novice traders and includes insights, strategies, and real-time news regarding potential value shifts and tutorials. The app allows users to either mine or trade data, which can diversify one’s ability to make monetary gains. Low minimum deposit requirements make this app an attractive option in addition to the diverse deposit options, including Bittrex, BitStamp, FoxBitm Coinone, and more. The required minimum deposit for this app is low.

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