Ultimate Guide to RACQ Insurance Travel: Your Ticket to Worry-Free Adventures

Ultimate Guide to RACQ Insurance Travel: Your Ticket to Worry-Free Adventures

If you’re planning a trip, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a long international vacation, it’s important to have travel insurance. Unexpected events can happen, from flight cancellations to medical emergencies, and having the right insurance coverage can give you peace of mind and protect you from financial losses. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at RACQ Insurance Travel and what it has to offer for travelers.

Your Guide to Contacting RACQ Travel Insurance Easily and Quickly

If you’re looking for travel insurance in Australia, RACQ (Royal Automobile Club of Queensland) is a popular choice for many customers. But what happens when you need to contact them? In this guide, we’ll show you how to reach RACQ travel insurance easily and quickly.


One of the fastest ways to get in touch with RACQ travel insurance is by phone. You can call them at 1300 096 166 from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm AEST. If you need emergency assistance while overseas, call their 24-hour emergency assistance hotline at +61 7 3361 2444.


If you prefer to contact them via email, you can send a message to travel@racq.com.au. Keep in mind that it may take longer to get a response via email compared to calling.

Online Contact Form

RACQ travel insurance also has an online contact form that you can fill out on their website. Simply go to their Contact Us page and select Travel Insurance as the topic. Fill out the form with your details and message and click Submit.

Social Media

If you prefer to reach out to RACQ travel insurance via social media, you can send them a message on Facebook or Twitter. Keep in mind that social media may not be the most reliable way to get a response, and it’s always best to use phone or email for urgent issues.

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Overall, there are several ways to contact RACQ travel insurance easily and quickly. Whether you prefer to call, email, use the online contact form, or social media, there are options available to suit your needs.

Traveling Abroad? Discover if RACQ Offers International Travel Insurance

Traveling abroad can be an exciting experience, but it’s important to be prepared for any unforeseen events that may occur during your trip. One way to ensure peace of mind is by purchasing international travel insurance.

What is International Travel Insurance?

International travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for medical expenses, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation or interruption, and other unforeseen events that may occur while traveling outside of your home country.

Does RACQ Offer International Travel Insurance?

Yes, RACQ offers international travel insurance for their members. Their policies provide coverage for medical expenses, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation or interruption, and other unforeseen events that may occur while traveling abroad.

What Does RACQ’s International Travel Insurance Cover?

RACQ’s international travel insurance policies offer a range of coverage options, including:

  • Medical Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses incurred while traveling abroad, including hospitalization, doctor visits, and prescription medication.
  • Emergency Evacuation: Coverage for emergency medical evacuation or repatriation to your home country in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption: Coverage for trip cancellation or interruption due to unforeseen events, such as illness, injury, or natural disasters.
  • Lost or Stolen Luggage: Coverage for lost or stolen luggage, including reimbursement for the cost of replacing essential items.
  • Personal Liability: Coverage for legal expenses and damages in the event that you are held liable for causing injury or property damage to others while traveling abroad.

How Do I Purchase RACQ’s International Travel Insurance?

You can purchase RACQ’s international travel insurance online or over the phone. To get a quote and purchase a policy, you will need to provide information about your travel plans, including your destination, travel dates, and the number of travelers.

It’s important to read the policy documents carefully before purchasing international travel insurance to ensure that you understand the coverage and any exclusions or limitations that may apply.

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RACQ Travel Entitlements: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are a member of RACQ and planning to travel, it is important to know the travel entitlements that come with your membership. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you understand everything about RACQ Travel Entitlements:

What are RACQ Travel Entitlements?

RACQ Travel Entitlements are the benefits that RACQ members receive when they book their travel through RACQ Travel. These entitlements vary depending on the type of membership you have.

Types of RACQ Memberships

RACQ offers different types of memberships, including:

  • RACQ Ultimate
  • RACQ Premium
  • RACQ Lifestyle
  • RACQ Classic
  • RACQ Roadside
  • RACQ Foundation

The travel entitlements you receive will depend on the type of membership you have.

RACQ Travel Entitlements

Here are some of the travel entitlements that RACQ members can receive:

Discounts on Travel Insurance

RACQ members can receive discounts on travel insurance when they book their travel through RACQ Travel.

RACQ Travel Vouchers

RACQ members can receive travel vouchers when they book their travel through RACQ Travel. These vouchers can be used towards future travel bookings.

Complimentary Travel Insurance

RACQ Ultimate and RACQ Premium members can receive complimentary travel insurance when they book their travel through RACQ Travel.

Free Airport Lounge Access

RACQ Ultimate members can receive free airport lounge access when they book their travel through RACQ Travel.

Exclusive Member Deals

RACQ members can receive exclusive deals on travel bookings when they book through RACQ Travel.

Booking Your Travel with RACQ Travel

To receive your travel entitlements, you must book your travel through RACQ Travel. This can be done online or by calling the RACQ Travel team. Make sure to have your RACQ membership details handy when booking.

It is important to note that travel entitlements may change from time to time, so it’s best to check with RACQ Travel for the latest information.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Travel Insurance

Traveling is one of the best ways to relax, explore new destinations and create unforgettable memories. However, no matter how well-planned your trip is, things can still go wrong. This is where travel insurance comes in handy.

Why do you need travel insurance?

Travel insurance helps protect you and your finances in case something unexpected happens while you’re traveling. This may include medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost or delayed baggage, and more. Without travel insurance, you may end up paying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket for these unexpected expenses.

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What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance policies can vary widely in their coverage, but most policies cover the following:

  • Trip cancellation or interruption: If you have to cancel or cut short your trip due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or a family emergency, your travel insurance can reimburse you for the non-refundable expenses you’ve already paid for.
  • Medical emergencies: If you get sick or injured while traveling, your travel insurance can cover your medical expenses, including hospitalizations, doctor’s fees, and emergency transportation.
  • Lost or delayed baggage: If your luggage is lost, stolen, or delayed, your travel insurance can reimburse you for the cost of replacing your belongings.
  • Flight or travel accident: If you’re involved in an accident while traveling, your travel insurance can provide coverage for medical expenses, as well as accidental death and dismemberment benefits.

What types of travel insurance are available?

There are several types of travel insurance policies available, including:

  • Single-trip insurance: This policy covers you for one specific trip.
  • Annual/multi-trip insurance: This policy covers you for multiple trips within a year.
  • Group insurance: This policy provides coverage for groups of travelers, such as families or business colleagues.
  • Specialty insurance: This policy provides coverage for specific types of trips, such as adventure sports or cruises.

How to choose the best travel insurance policy?

When choosing a travel insurance policy, there are several factors to consider:

  • Coverage: Make sure the policy covers the specific risks you’re concerned about.
  • Cost: Compare the cost of different policies and choose the one that fits your budget.
  • Exclusions: Read the policy’s fine print to understand what is not covered.
  • Customer service: Choose a policy from a reputable insurer with good customer service.
  • Reviews: Read reviews from other travelers to get an idea of the policy’s effectiveness and customer service.

Remember, travel insurance is a small investment that can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. Take the time to choose the right policy for your needs, and enjoy your travels with peace of mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read about RACQ Insurance Travel. As a final tip, I recommend that you carefully review the policy and understand the coverage you have before embarking on your trip. This will help you avoid any surprises or disappointments should an unexpected event occur. Remember, insurance is there to protect you and your loved ones, so make sure you have the right coverage for your needs. Safe travels!

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