Pro IQ Stock Broker App: An Honest Review


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The Pro IQ Stock Broker app is a trusted mobile application for CFD trading with security features in place. As a recap, CFD trading, or contract for differences trading, allows investors to predict the direction of securities in a short time span. CFD trading is extremely popular amongst those who are interested in commodity trading or Forex Trading. CFD trading is also popular amongst beginners because it is a more passive form of trading, and there is less risk. (However, we must caveat that with any form of investments or trades, there will always be some sort of risk). If this is something that interests you, and you want a platform available on your mobile device, then the Pro IQ Stock Broker app is an attractive option.

The app was created in 2020 and has since had over 50 downloads. If you head over to the Google Play store, you’ll find all five-star reviews. Users claim that the app is easy to use, the support is always available, and they’ve overall had positive experiences using the platform. In addition, it appears as though the developers are dedicated to improving the interface, as they’ve just recently come out with an update that has fixed some bugs found on the previous version. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users.



This is a free app to install and use (aside from the trading deposits). Free apps often raise suspicions on the legitimacy, so is the Pro IQ Stock Broker app legit? Yes! All of these features make this app an attractive option, and between the features and positive reviews, we feel comfortable recommending the Pro IQ Stock Broker app to you. The biggest downfall we see with this app is that it does not have a base website, meaning that all of your tradings will be done through your phone. This may not be a negative thing, as most people are glued to their phones, but those who enjoy sitting at a computer and having a big screen will not like the Pro IQ Stock Broker App. Your decision to use a pure mobile app platform versus website based platform is up to your personal preference. We have not found any substantial differences in quality between website-based platforms versus mobile-based platforms.

Account Opening

To use this type of platform, you will need to head over to wherever you download apps on your mobile device. For Android mobile device owners, this is usually the Google Play Store. For iPhone users, this is typically the Apple Store. Type the name of the app in your search box and once it pops up, click download. Once the app is downloaded, click on it, and it will have you create an account. It is normal for you to have to create an account with trading platforms, and this is something you will have to do regardless of what platform you choose. Once you’ve set up your account, the app will lead you through some basic tutorials and then ask you to make an initial deposit.

Deposit & Withdrawal


The minimum deposit requirement is just $1, so it is an accessible option for those who are just beginning and do not have much capital to use, but you are able to deposit as much as you’d like. We recommend starting small until you feel confident and comfortable with trading in general. As you are familiarizing yourself with the platform, take advantage of the video tutorials and if you have any questions, reach out to the 24/7 support staff.

Trading & Platform


There are many key features to this app that will appeal to both beginner and more advanced traders. The app contains many video tutorials to help users learn how to use the platform and enter the trading sphere. After completing the tutorial, users can customize the data they are shown to determine personalized entry and exit points and make accurate predictions on their trades. The data is updated in real-time, so at any time, users can look at charts and know that they’re getting the most up to date information. This is a huge feature because some platforms have a slight delay, which can be detrimental if one doesn’t have the ability to check their trades multiple times throughout the day. The app also has a newsfeed, which allows users to view worldwide news within the application and predict how changes in the economy will impact their trades.
The Pro IQ Stock Broker app allows users to trade with well-known and familiar companies such as Amazon, Verizon, Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and more. It can be comforting to invest in stocks that you are familiar with, making trading more fun! In addition to these well-known companies, the app also allows users to invest in real estate and commodities such as oil.

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